With over 20 years in the nail care business, I've learned what it takes to pamper my clients. Since moving to Studio Elements a few years ago, I can now offer each client a private, spa-like experience that turns a simple manicure and pedicure into a relaxing few hours of beauty indulgence. Our state-of-the-art facilities combined with my expertise ensure that you have the best salon experience anywhere. 

But for me, it's not just about the nails - it's about having fun and forming lasting friendships. I guarantee that when you leave your appointment, not only will your hands and feet look and feel fabulous, your mind and spirit will feel the same way. Our appointment time is yours alone, and beautiful nails and your happiness our only goals. And you can rest assured that each manicure and pedicure is done to both my exacting standards and to your standards and taste. I'm not happy until you are! 

Although one of my greatest pleasures is meeting new clients, it has been a special honor to work with second generations of clients- my many "mother and daughter" clients have been one of the most rewarding and sincere compliments of my work. 

I look forward to working with you and your friends and family to provide all of your nail care needs. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at Jenise.Caldwell@Studio-Elements.com, text/call me at 614-209-1275 to schedule an appointment.

Christy. M

The thing that I love and appreciate the most about Jenise is that she is always upbeat, smiling, optimistic, down to earth, full of life, high energy and everything is fabulous in her world! Now about the pedicure that i received was by far the best I have ever experienced. She not only removed my calluses, she made it possible for me to feel the earth beneath my feet! They felt so soft and so FABULOUS!!! I can’t wait until my next one…

Meg Kelley

Jenise is an excellent technician, has very good taste and a great sense of humor. Time spent with Jenise is well spent.

Nona. D

I appreciate my time with Jenise so much! Not only for the fabulous job she does on my nails and feet, but for the wonderful conversations we have. She is always upbeat and makes me laugh even if I’m having a stressful day! My nails always look wonderful – I get so many compliments and people always think they’re my real nails! I wish! But thanks to Jenise they’re way better than my real nails could ever look!

Eric. H

The first time I went to see Jenise, I felt that we knew each other for years! Jenise has excellent attention to detail, provides recommendations based on what she observes and never makes you feel rushed. I am quick to refer friends to Jenise!

Leilani. G

Jenise is truly a find! I love her energy, it’s never a dull moment when your in her chair. I also love the detail she puts in to her craft. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Kathy. L

I thought I had super ugly feet until I started going to Jenise now they are “fabulous”! She makes me feel special, remembers personal details that I’ve shared with her and weaves them into our conversation. When asked, she’ll give you wonderful advise be it your love life, how to decorate, organize or fix/paint anything. I look forward to my pedicures and won’t stop even when my feet are covered in fleece lined boots!!! My advise for the day: don’t pass up her services! You DESERVE her care.

Joan. W

Jenise is enthusiastic, detail oriented and very focused on providing superior customer service to her clients. I have been a happy customer for over 7 years and would recommend Jenise to anyone.

Dipali Roy-Alexander

Jenise is absolutely awesome. I have been going to her for over a year and I wish I had started with her earlier. She does an excellent job, and takes her time doing it. The time that you spend with her is definitely YOUR time. She pays attention to detail, and attention to you, her client. I do not go to a manicurist to get my nails done, my friend Jenise does them for me.

Evie B.

Jenise is not only an excellent technician, she is warm and fun all at the same time. I am lucky to have her.

Toni Rausch

I m trying to book an appointment and it looks like you have nothing available in June. Is that right? Don't know if you got the previous message but I have to cancelfor Tuesday the 5th

Joan (Lovey) DeMartin

I've "been with" Jenise for almost 20 years! She not only does an absolutely perfect job on my manicures and pedicures, she's become a dear friend. You'll leave your appointment with your hands and feet looking supple and stunning and you'll laugh all the way home!

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