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Researching how to open and differentiate your own spa and salon from your competition? Here, your search ends! Your search ends here, At Studio Elements, for about the same price as renting a chair in a typical salon environment, your dream of opening your own salon is made a reality. You can immerse yourself in your very own private, practical, and modern space here, which you are free to decorate in a unique style.

Our spa studio rental space is state-of-the-art and comes with a personalized environment ambiance with professional customer facilities that will complement your client's experience and enrich your success. Studio Elements features the best commercial salon space in Pompano Beach FL. Our commitment to providing a top spa and salon rental room near you in a convenient and highly secured environment remains a hallmark.

Whether your expertise is in hair, skin care, massage, nail treatment, spray tanning, medical spa treatments, or any other service, when you lease a salon and spa studio place for rent from us, you embrace a highly professional and supportive company committed to you. Our service's most beneficial feature is that we give you a free hand to create the ideal client experience.

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A Salon-Spa of Your Own!

Tired of commission, or renting with no privacy? Studio Elements gives you the opportunity to reap the rewards of your efforts and skills, by designing your own prices for your services and retail products, to maximize your full earning power, while providing a comfortable, private setting for your clients.

At Studio Elements we are dedicated to providing the ultimate salon spa studio experience for you and your customers.

Owning your own salon can be difficult: finding an affordable location, hiring/firing staff, maintaining supplies for you and your staff, thinking about who will run your business when you are on vacation, utilities and overhead, the list goes on.

Studio Elements can have you ready to start work overnight; our beautifully equipped rooms are ready for you to begin work right away. Each suite is completely customizable to create your own salon experience! Now, Studio Elements Salon Spa offers studios to ambitious hairstylists with an established client base and a strong desire to own their own business.

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